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Inspirational Speaker and Author

Remember when you were young and you had dreams of what you would be when you grew up? We all had dreams when we were children. Then “life happens” and our dreams get put on a shelf and layered in dust. Sometimes, circumstances look as if there is no possible way we can reach our goals.

History records the story of a young woman that had a vision for her future. Suddenly, all her dreams seemed like mountains of impossibility. For twelve years she suffered, not knowing why. Yet, she clung to the promise the she was blessed and her story would be told for many generations.

Walk with me as I uncover the untold possibilities of this woman’s life, as she pursued her dreams, coming face to face with the demons of Doubt, Fear and Death.

Book Launch Date: January 2017
I am a mother of three and an angel in heaven. I have had a passion for writing since I was in Grade one.

After starting several drafts of different manuscripts, in different genres, I was touched by God after listening to the preaching of a man from Europe in 1997. His message was direct: Don’t give up on your dream!

That night I felt God tell me that the next day He would reveal to me what my manuscript would be about. Sure enough, the next day, the idea was revealed and the work began on my manuscript began.

It’s been a long process and the project was often put on the back burner as life happened. Despite the demands of home schooling my three awesome children, going through a difficult divorce, and then turning my back on God while living in an abusive common-law relationship, I gave up on my passion to be a writer.

In 2009, after being hospitalized for 9 days from a suicide attempt, I decided it was time to get serious about my life and my dreams to publish her manuscript.

Today I enjoy speaking to women’s groups, networking groups and the weekly Life Group I host in my home. As an entrepreneur, I am a courageous business woman and I’m always looking for the WIN/WIN opportunity.

I’m fortunate to reside in the beautiful Niagara Region with my husband and soul mate, Keith Robinson. I’m currently writing my second manuscript; Nameless ~A Story of Courage. I also have plans for my third book in this trilogy, Nameless ~A Story of Forgiveness.
Book Launch Date: January 2017

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3 Key Tools for Coping With Anxiety

2017-01-14 12:51:13

Have you ever had an anxiety attack?

Ever feel like your chest is being crushed? Like you can't breathe? The symptoms are different for everyone. And, I've recently discovered that after managing anxiety attacks for years, they can suddenly present in a completely different way, catching you off guard.

Awareness is key. The good news is, once you realize you're having an anxiety attack, you CAN manage it!

Today, I am going to share with you my top 3 tools that have helped me cope with anxiety attacks for the last 7+ years. It works best when I do these 3 things together.

First, shock yourself. Splash cold water on your face. Put your hands and wrists under cold running water. The extreme change in temperature to these sensitive parts of your body will shock your system and most often will be the catalyst to stop the attack.

Once I was a passenger in a car during a rain storm. I was trying to deal with the attack and had no means to running or cold water. So, I rolled down the window and put my hand out into the cold air and rain. It didn't stop the attack but it did help a lot,.

Second is redirection. Do something you enjoy. It could be watching TV or a movie; reading a book; or listening to music. The key here is to do something to get your mind off of the panic attack and onto something that will interest you. Obviously, if you're not a reader, picking up a book to read is not going to be the most effective choice. Most people enjoy at least one of the items I listed above. I'm fortunate  to enjoy all of them! 

The reason I take pleasure in TV, movies, books and music is because they are a means to transport me from my current situation to a virtual reality. During some of the most difficult times in my life I would lose myself in a good book. It allowed me to escape from my painful reality.

Finally, use scent. For me, I use essential oils. I carry a roll-on with me so when ever I have an attack I can roll it on my temples and my wrists. I did this when I was in the car, in the situation that I mentioned above. Then I continued to inhale the smell of the oils by bringing my wrist up to my nose and breathing in deeply. I don't understand why scent is such a strong sense, but it really is. 

I am allergic to most perfumes, so that is one reason I carry my Doterra Essential Oil roll on with me. If you can wear perfume or cologne then you can carry that with you. Although, I do suggest essential oils, if you can, because of the health benefits. The oils get absorbed into your skin within seconds and can help calm you quite quickly.

When I do all 3 of these things together, I can work my way through most anxiety attacks. Unfortunately, there is no magic answer, and as far as I know, there is no "cure" for anxiety attacks. Hopefully, by sharing my top 3 tools for dealing with anxiety, it will help you or someone you love in working through your own panic attacks.

It would mean a lot to me if you would comment below. Feel free to share your tools and techniques for managing anxiety attacks.

Until next Saturday... Cheers!


Sheri Hawkins @ 2017-01-17 11:26:44
Great tools, Tammy! I totally agree about the cold water. That has always been the thing to work for me. I also use DoTerra Serenity. Love the blogs, keep them coming! :)

Power of Perspective

2017-01-07 23:22:09

Welcome back! I'm so glad you've returned.

Do you realize how much power is in our perspective? Is it possible to go from hating something to loving it?

It is! I know because that has happened to me! What was it that I hated? Football. Now, before you roll your eyes and skip ahead, be patient... there is a really strong lesson to be learned here.

In order to explain I will bear my heart to you. In my first marriage my husband loved sports. There's nothing wrong with that (in fact, now I love sports too!) The problem was (and I don't mean to put him down) he spent so much time watching sports -and mostly football- that I felt it was more important to him than I was.

I felt that he'd rather spend time watching football than spending it with me. I was jealous. I literally felt like it was "the other woman" in his life. I despised it. I also didn't understand the rules of the game, so that didn't help.

To back up a bit, in the beginning of our marriage I tried to find common ground. I learned about baseball. I went to games, we played in a co-ed league together, I played in a women's league and I even kept score for the team that he played on. I really tried to share in his love of sports.

But I just couldn't do it with football. It's not what caused our marriage to break up, but it did cause a lot of hurt in my life and it did drive a wedge between us. So, you see, I really hated it!

There was a 2 year period where I was single. During that time, God healed me from many hurts, including the rejection I felt from my first husband. For the first time in my life I began to explore things and see what I really liked and didn't like.

You know the movie "The Runaway Bride"? I was like her. I took my coffee whatever way was convenient for the person I was with. I didn't know if I enjoyed being outdoors or not. I didn't know if I liked sports or not. So, I really got to know myself.

I discovered that I really enjoyed baseball and hockey. Even while living alone I would watch the games on TV. I even joined a baseball league again. I still wasn't ready to give football a chance -I didn't understand the game anyway. And to be honest, there was still some bitterness and resentment there.

So, along comes the man of my dreams... my sould mate... Keith! And guess what? He loves sports! The difference is he leaves no doubt in my mind that I am far more important to him than any sports game. 

After awhile, I explained why I hated football. He had been confused about my dislike for it when I so passionately enjoyed baseball and hockey. Once I explained he understood. Very gently he asked if I would consider learning the rules of the game. Would I be open to exploring the idea that it could become something that we could enjoy together?

What a difference! When I had the confidence in his love and affection, instead of competing for attention, I found myself wanting to learn more. It's a much more complex game in my mind,  but that gives it an added dimension of competition -and I'm a very competative person!

Keith & I were blessed to go to a Buffalo Bills game a few years ago. It was the best sporting event I've ever been to! I can't wait to go again! Some day, I hope to have season tickets to the Bills!

What a change! Isn't that amazing? And the only thing that really changed was MY perspective! In my first marriage football was something I felt threatened by and in my second marriage it is something I embrace as enjoyable time with my hubby. Although, I confess I also watch it when he's at work!

How does this apply to you? Is there something in your life that has been bothering you? Is there something that is holding you back? Maybe it's a person that just drives you crazy.

May I suggest you try looking at the situation with a different perspective? I hope this story that I've shared will help you gain a more positive perspective in some area of your life.

Please share your comment below. Or if you have a similar example of how changing your perspective helped you, please share with us.

Until next week... cheers!


How Do You Eat An Elephant?

2016-12-31 21:51:11

The answer is simple: one bite at a time!

I got the idea from a book by the late Brian Klemmer, called "Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time". It's a fabulous book! In fact, every book of his that I've read has been fabulous.

Why am I writing about eating elephants on New Year's Eve, 2016? Because I realize that a lot of people get discouraged when they consider the new year. Is that you? Maybe you don't see it as a time to re-set and have a fresh start. Do you see the changes you want to make in 2017 as a huge elephant and have no idea how to reach your goals?

Most of us have set New Year's Resolutions and not completed them. In fact, I heard that most people have given up on them by the 17th of January. I know I'm guilty. Are you?

When I was considering what to write in this blog, I asked myself, "How can I help change the world?" The answer: the same way I can eat an elephant. One bite at a time; or, one step at a time.

So, this year, instead of making grandiose resolutions that we probably won't keep, what if we make one small change? Once we succeed at that, we can make another small change, later in the year. And then another, and another.

During my life, I've had some huge obstacles to overcome and I've learned that what works for me is breaking it down into small manageable parts. I think this is a good way to look at the new year as well.

Back to changing the world... if this blog inspires you to make one small change, that may inspire someone else to make a small change, and so on. It's the "ripple effect" like when you throw a stone into the water and the ripples spread out across the surface.

I'm just one person. At this point I can't cause a huge change on a lot of people, but I can make a small impact on a few people, who can impact others.

Will you be one of those people? I'd love it if you would post a comment about your one small change that you're going to make this year in the comment section below.

I wish you all a very happy New Year. May 2017 be filled with love, health and happiness for each one of you!



Love Knows No Season

2016-12-24 20:50:22

You may recognize that line. It's from a Christmas song.

Is it true in your life? It is in mine. Christmas has different meanings to different people. I wouldn't want to let this season go by without sharing my thoughts on Christmas.

I've alluded to it in previous blogs, but this is an opportunity for me to share true love with you. To me,  Christmas is a celebration of Love. I believe God is Love. I celebrate the birth of Jesus, being fully God and fully man... how is that possible? I have no idea!

But I do believe that Jesus saw us (mankind) wallowing in our sin and chose to leave His seat in Heaven to be born as a baby and grow up among us. He felt the pain and heartache that we've all felt. He probably has asked the same questions we've asked, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" "Why did that person have to die?" "Why did they hurt me?"

His whole purpose in this adventure of His was to take the punishment for our sin, so we would have the choice to be forgiven and live a life abundantly and free. It's the greatest love ever known!

So, back to the title.... "Love knows no season..." As 2016 comes to an end and we look forward to the New Year, I hope this blog will encourage you to do two things:

1- To get to know the babe in the manger of the Christmas story

2- To spread His love to everyone you come in contact with this coming year!

Merry Christmas to all!

Please post your comments about your Christmas celebrations this year!



Commercialized Christmas

2016-12-17 17:23:09

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us as we discuss the commercialization of Christmas.

What do you think about it?

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. To me, it's about giving. I love to give all year round, but Christmas seems to be a time when everyone is giving, merry and bright. It's also a time when most of us are focused on peace on earth.

If you ask me the question, "Is Christmas commercialized?" my answer would be, "That's a question that only you can answer."

It's really a heart issue. Why do you give gifts? Do you want to give the most gifts? Do you want to give the most expensive gift? Do you need that latest version of the newest device? If your answers to those questions are yes , then it sounds like you've commercialized Christmas.

But if you answered no, then maybe Christmas is still sacred to you. I love spending the time getting to know my family and finding out what is important to each of them.

When Christmas time rolls around I start to research on those things that they've been chatting about all year long. I find that special something that will show them that I listen when they're talking about things. I pay attention to what's important to them. And, of course, the reason I do that is because they are important to me.

That's part of the joy of Christmas. Then there is the anticipation of giving that perfect gift and the joy on their faces when they open it. I love having my family all together, chaos and all! The more the merrier!

So, what's your favorite part of Christmas? Is there some tradition that your family keeps? My Grandma would always give us a stocking with an orange in the toe and a can of pop in the heel. I've switched from the healthy orange to a chocolate orange, but I've maintained that tradition. My other Grandma always gave us a box of thin mints. That's something that my family can always count on me for as well.

Please post your comments below. I look forward to reading them.




2016-12-10 15:25:47


Thank you for joining us for week number 2 of my Blog, as I promised.

How was your week? Did you do something new last week after reading my blog? I hope you did! Please post your comments below last weeks blog. I'm eager to read them!

Today, I realize Christmas is only 2 1/2 weeks away. And right after that we bring in the New Year. I'm big on setting goals -healthy, realistic, timely goals that I can reach. Goals that I write down and revisit. Like Eric Worre says, "Plan, Do, Review". I wouldn't be nearly as successful as I am today if I hadn't followed that path.

So, when it comes to the end of the year, I like to "review" my year and compare myself to where I was last year at this time. What did I do that made me a better person, or more su cessful in my business, or closer to my family? What did I do that caused problems, or stress, that I don't want to repeat?

Then I make a "Plan" for next year. I think it's wise to break it into three parts:

*Yearly                               *Quarterly                                         *Monthly

After I write down my goals/ "Plan" in these three sections I "Do" my plan. See how it works. Then we're back to review... don't wait until next December to review! lol Review on a Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly basis. Tweak your plan and improve a little more each time.

One of the most important factors is to write your goals down on paper! It makes them real. It makes you feel more accountable, and organized and purposed.

Having said that, when I think of my yearly goal, I usually attach one word to the coming year. For example, the word for 2016 was PEACE. Looking back, I'm so amazed that with everything that we went through, we were filled with an amazing sense of peace. We've had a year from hell in our finances, yet we had peace and happiness. Keith and I grew closer to each other as husband and wife. My health improved. I accomplished my life long dream of publishing my book! Sometiimes life was crazy-busy and stressful, but through it all, I was at peace. It's been an amazing year!

The word for 2017 is "Epic". Hense the title of #THEYEAROFBEINGEPIC. Not only is 2017 going to be an epic year, but I AM going to be EPIC this year!

I hope you'll take some action after reading this blog and write out your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals. That's your plan. Then do them; review them; tweak them and make a new plan. Follow the cycle: Plan/Do/Review.... it works!

Please take a moment and write your word for 2017 in the comment section below. If you'd like to share a goal, that would be wonderful too!

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Thank you for reading my blog today. I hope you'll share it with your friends and come back next Saturday to read my thoughts on Christmas! Be well, my friends,




Sippin' Saturday

2016-12-03 10:54:08

Good morning!

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for joining me here. It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in the living room, sipping a Bavarian Chocolate Coffee. Yummy!

So many things to do today... mostly I need to finish decorating for Christmas. My 47th birthday is tomorrow and I almost always decorate for Christmas on the weekend of my birthday.

I'll be transparent; I have mixed feelings about this weekend. Originally, I was super-excited about it because today was the day I had planned to launch my first book, Nameless ~A Story of Faith.

As I'm sure you've read, the launch is postponed until the New Year. I need to reach my goal of 200 pre-sales to pay for the printing of the book. So, now I'm consciously choosing not to focus on what "could have been" or "should have been" happening, and I'm focusing on what IS happening. 

And that is, Keith & I are working diligently to market my book and reach that goal of 200 pre-sales. It is also me being stretched and learning to become comfortable outside my comfort zone. I heard a wise man say that, and I've made up my mind that I will be comfortable outside my comfort zone. What that does is widens our comfort zone. It allows us to take more risks, embrace more opportunities and meet more people.

So, enough about me. What about you? What are you choosing to focus on? Are you wishing for something that didn't happen? Or are you concentrating on what IS happening right now? Are you willing to step outside our comfort zone and try something new?

I want to challenge you to consciously choose one new thing that you will do or try this coming week. Please write in the comment below what it is you are going to do. Then come back and let us know how it worked out. I'd love to hear from you!

I want my blog to be a virtual "Family Room", where we can sit and chat together. We can listen to each other and inspire each other.

So, one thing I've learned is that a good leader will not ask someone to do something that they are not willing to do themselves. Therefore, I need to try something new this week. What I've chosen to do is to make a promise to you. This is definitely outside my comfort zone because I take promises very seriously. I promise that every Saturday, no matter where I am in the world (I plan to travel a lot in my future!) and no matter how I feel (as many of you know I have Fibromyalgia and Mental Health Issues and Diabetes), I will post a blog.

I feel that blogging is an integral part of creating a following for my writing and it's a fabulous way to inspire people. I love encouraging and inspiring people!

If you haven't already done so, please go to my website, Www.TLRPublishing.com and pre-order your copy of Nameless ~A Story of Faith today! If you're local you can choose the "Pick Up" option so you don't even have to pay shipping.

I sincerely appreciate your support in helping me reach my goal and see my dream come true!

Also, please go to the Contact Me page and join my Email List and my Blog List. As promised, I will blog every Saturday and my email will be once a month.

I wish you all a FABULOUS week ahead! And remember to put your comments below!



My First Blog!

2016-11-13 11:21:22

Welcome to my Blog page!

I love taking on new challenges. As the quote goes, "If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you." (Anonymous)

So, this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, called "My Blog". I'm currently taking an on-line course to learn the basics of blogging.

My goal is to Blog once a week... probably Monday. I love Monday's because.... well, actually, that might be the topic of my next Blog! lol

One thing I need to look into is jargon. Is it okay to put "lol" and other acronyms in a Blog? Does the word "Blog" get capitalized in the middle of a sentence?

As you can tell, I definitely need to learn how to do this. One thing my parents taught me is when you do something, do it to my very best ability.

I look forward to communicating with you through this Blog (or is it "blog"?) site.

Please leave a comment below. I will personally read and pray over every comment.

Although, I rarely drink alcohol, I love the phrase "Cheers" as it means "Let's celebrate"... at least that's what it means to me! lol. So...




Tammy Robinson @ 2016-11-13 11:38:41
Check out this blog!

Add Comment

Hi there!

Thank you so much for joining me in my “on-line home”. This is a place where we will be inspired and encouraged together.

I’m just learning how to blog, so please be patient with me. I’m hoping the learning curve is not too drastic! Lol.

Thankfully, our Heavenly Father has blessed me with an optimistic outlook on life. If you know some of the tragedies and traumatic events I’ve been through, you will understand what I mean when I say that no matter how dark my situation seems, I have peace because I know that my Saviour is always with me. He will NEVER leave me! 

Some days I’ve been laying face down on the floor, my body heaving with sobs as my heartbreak pours out of me, and I feel as if I cannot possibly go on. It’s in those times –like the poem, “Footprints” says, -that Jesus carries me. It’s in those times when I picture myself sitting on His lap, like a little girl sitting on her Daddy’s lap, with His strong arms around me, comforting me and soothing me. He will give me strength to go on.

And He will give you the strength to go on as well. I trust that when you visit me here you will be encouraged. I look forward to your comments on my Blog as well as your feedback on my book, Nameless ~A Story of Faith.

I look forward to our journey together.

Big hugs!!


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